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Introduction to Single Adult Ministry (2 ECTS)


The student who satisfactorily completes this course will be able to articulate a biblical and practical philosophy for single adult ministry, gain an overall understanding of the diverse needs of single and single-again adults, understand various models of ministry, and learn how to organize, begin, and run a diverse, effective single adult ministry. He or she will also learn how to identify, recruit, train, and motivate effective leaders; understand the reasons for and types of a wide range of programs, events, and activities that are necessary in a ministry to single adults; and have at his or her disposal a list of resources from which to draw.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. Understand singleness in the Old and New Testaments. 2. Define counseling as a pastoral gift, and summarize the roles, aims, and tools of biblical counseling. 3. Explain the importance of counselor self-awareness and sound ethical practice in biblical counseling, and list the benefits of supervision for the biblical counselor. 4. Summarize how to help individuals who struggle with addiction, anger, anxiety, or low self- esteem. 5. Outline how prevention can aid in maintaining good mental health. 6. Explain what blocks good mental health and how to remove those blocks. 7. Name ways the biblical counselor can help depressed and grieving people. 8. Define guilt, and explain how the biblical counselor can help people who struggle with guilt. 9. Indicate how to help Christians maintain healthy sexuality and how to help engaged couples. 10. Identify ways to help improve marital communication and conflict resolution.

Mode of Study

Lecture Video (in progress) Student interaction Hands on


50 objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Passmark 70%


90-100% A 4 Superior  80-89% B 3 Good 70-79% C 2 Satisfactory 0-69 F 0 Fail Berean school of the Bible (Christian  Ministry) grading Rubric



MQF Level 5 Qualification

60 ECTS Credits


Ministerial Studies Program

Certified Minister Level 1, 2, 3

20 ECTS Credits each

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