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BIB114 Christ in the Synoptic Gospels (2 ECTS)


This course is an introductory study of our Lord’s life and times according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It examines the background of the world into which Christ came “when the time had fully come.” It focuses on His life from the Annunciation to the Ascension. It also stresses His message and His method, including His parables and His miracles. Organized around three themes—the world, the Man, and the message—this study helps students integrate their understanding of Christ’s life and work with a clear commitment to live by the principles He taught and the values He demonstrated.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. Explain the term Synoptic Gospels, when it came into focus, and the nature of the so-called “Synoptic problem.” 2. Discuss the historical background of Palestine and the Jewish religious development that prepared the way for Christ’s coming. 3. Identify key events in the early life of Christ, His public ministry, and His final days on earth. 4. Distinguish between Christ’s early ministry, greater Galilean ministry, later Judean / Perean ministry, and Passion Week. 5. Summarize Christ’s teachings on the kingdom of God as they relate to the church and the world. 6. Explain Christ’s purpose in using parables and miracles and discuss His teaching method. 7. Analyze and participate in God’s plan to redeem through the life, death, resurrection, and com mission of Christ.

Mode of Study

Lecture Video Student interaction Hands on


50 objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Passmark 70%




MQF Level 5 Qualification

60 ECTS Credits

90-100% A 4 Superior  80-89% B 3 Good 70-79% C 2 Satisfactory 0-69 F 0 Fail Berean school of the Bible (Christian  Ministry) grading Rubric

Ministerial Studies Program

Certified Minister Level 1, 2, 3

20 ECTS Credits each

Price per Module

Study Guide €25 Exam €50
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